Who we are

We are a group of Interior Designers and Architects who are passionate about design and construction. We are a registered Limited Company in London with decades of collective experience in the design industry.

What is up with the name?

X typically represents the unknown in a mathematical equation, it is the problem that wanted to be solved. In the same way, we pride ourselves with problem-solving talents from our many years of experience of different projects.

I have a small project, would you be up for it?

Try us, and we will give you an offer to help you realise your dream project. Big or small, it does not matter, we will customise our service to fit your needs.

Here are some of the few projects we have worked on:

  • Fairmont Hotel in Morocco
  • Marriott Hotel in Greece
  • 8-unit Townhouse Development in the Philippines
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel in Greece
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel in Oman
  • Four Seasons Hotel in Egypt
  • Private Residence in London, Holland Park
  • Private Residence in London, Pembroke Gardens
  • St Régis Hotel in Malaysia
  • The Langham Hotel in Sydney
  • BMW Showroom and Workshop Manila
  • Private residence in Lagos
  • Private Residence East London
  • Private Residence Greenwich
  • Shopping centre and Bar in Budapest
  • Many others