Panic Room Design Considerations

Panic rooms are a place of refuge in emergency events and one can customise it depending on what you want to prepare for.  These things quickly became a standard to the houses of to the super-rich. This was popularised the film Panic Room from 2002, where the homeowner was being attacked. One might think that this is just a waste of valuable space, but really this can be a useful space for a lot of things. Continue reading “Panic Room Design Considerations”

Security Integration to Interior Design


When we think of updating our property, we have a lot of pretty pictures in our head. We think about the style of the sofa, or bed and how comfortable it is going to be. We also think about how we want it to look like. Often we are also concerned about Security, but we leave this to last thinking it is something you can add on.

Whilst it is true that you can add to the security after it is finished, that severely restricts the potential of your property. It will most likely damage something along the way and therefore spend more money. Here some of the things that you should definitely consider to mitigate this. Continue reading “Security Integration to Interior Design”