Security Integration to Interior Design


When we think of updating our property, we have a lot of pretty pictures in our head. We think about the style of the sofa, or bed and how comfortable it is going to be. We also think about how we want it to look like. Often we are also concerned about Security, but we leave this to last thinking it is something you can add on.

Whilst it is true that you can add to the security after it is finished, that severely restricts the potential of your property. It will most likely damage something along the way and therefore spend more money. Here some of the things that you should definitely consider to mitigate this.

Here are 4 items you need to consider, for the proper integration of the Security System in your Property.

  1. Alarm Control Unit and CCTV recorder: In an event that there is a burglary and the siren is in full volume, the burglar will try to find the Control unit to disable it. They will also need to find the recorder to take the evidence with them. It is a good idea to hide and protect this. This would mean concealing the location before any finishes are done.
  2. Sensors: Alarm sensors can be wireless and therefore burying the cables is not really essential. But these sensors you have to constantly monitor as they ran out of battery in 6 to 8 months (depending on how much you use it). A wired sensor is always best.
  3. Siren: ideally there should be two of these, so when one was tampered with, the other will turn on. You also have to consider the cabling routes. The location should also be difficult to reach.
  4. Hidden Cameras: It is ideal to have some hidden camera as you enter the house. The idea is, if it is well hidden, no one can tamper with it.
  5. CCTV cameras: Cameras are more reliable when they are hard-wired. Any interference you have around the house could have an impact on it functioning properly if it’s wireless. Carefully planning them well ahead of construction is the best way to hide all cabling and also prepare for any power requirement it may need. PoE is also an option.

There are many other items that should be on this list but may not be required on every home. Other technologies can be integrated with Security, hence savings can be achieved if we plan them all together.

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Please note that if you do not do this, it will likely cost you money to put it in order, and if you do not hide it properly, it will not look good.



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