The Basics in Designing a Standard Hotel Guestroom

We have been designing hotel rooms for big hotel names for over a decade now. There are tons of things to consider before we even start. Here are the 4 basic things to consider when designing a

Standard Guestroom for Hotels.


Before we even add any design inputs in, we have to establish the constraints and direction:

  • Architecture
    • Be it a new build or refurbishment, establish the wall boundaries any bulging columns and also the shaft for services.
    • Know the fixed items, and what can be adjusted.
  • Operator Standards 
    • All the top operators have very similar requirements on what they want in the hotel room. Although there are slight differences, some of the standards in the guidelines can be broken. Break the rules if it doesn’t make a big impact, or if I can offer a better solution. But there are hundreds and hundreds of pages so it can be overwhelming if you are designing an entire hotel.                       

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  • Geographical Location 
    • Even if this hotel is projected to cater to international clients, Local cultures have a big influence on the actual design and décor and planning. The design should have a sense of place. As the Interior Designer, I should be sensitive to the local community for it to be supported and accepted.
    • For instance, I wouldn’t introduce a cross-looking pattern design if the project is in the Middle East.                                                                      Photo by Stephen Monroe 
  • Client Investor 
    • The client sometimes has different views and approach compared to the operator. As the Interior Designer and Project Manager, one has to bridge the gap and find that balance between what you want, what other people want, with careful consideration to all the requirements at hand. 

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These are the other topics for the series:

  • Preparation (This Blog)
  • Design with constraints and Direction
    • Colour Palette
    • Design Style
    • Dealing with constraints
  • Engineering and Technologies
  • Details
    • Entry Door
    • Bathroom Vanity
    • Bathroom Shower
    • Desks
    • TV Unit
    • Minibar
  • Specifications



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