Designing the Entry Door for Hotel Guestrooms


Do you like the look and feel of the Hotel Door? Have you ever wondered why they are so effective in blocking the noise? Do you know the required ironmongery? Selection of Ironmongery for Hotel rooms is not that difficult, but when we are faced with a task of making a list, nobody volunteers. I think most people find it daunting. Honestly, it is only like that the first time, but the second time is going to quick and easy.  The guide below will show things to consider when designing an entry door for a hotel.


  • Hotel standards and local regulations dictate the final requirement of a hotel door. Hotel Operators have a minimum size of roughly 900mm.
  • The acoustic requirement is usually 40 to 42 STC
  • Fire rating requirement is usually 1-hour.


Here are 8 things you need to consider in designing a hotel entry door:

  1. Hinges
    • Ball-bearing fire hinges are usually used for they are one of the most robust type of hinge out there that would last the lifetime of the door
    • In most cases, the Hotel Entry door is a Fire Door, hence hinges would require Intumescent hinge liner.
    • Quantity is dependent on hinge and weight of the door. Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
    • Depending on the lip profile of the door leaf, concealed door hinges can also be used
  2. Door Viewer
    • This is typically installed at 1450 from the floor. Depending on where the hotel is, a slightly lower Door Viewer can also be considered.
  3. Door Chain / Guard
    • These are the 3 most popular type of this:
      • Traditional door chain
      • Security door guard
      • Retractable door chain – this is what we have been recommending for the past few years
    • These are typically installed at 1350mm above the finished floor line
  4. Door Closer
    • Ideally, this should be concealed as most of the exposed one does not look good
    • This is required to be installed in fire doors to prevent the spread of fire.
  5. Door Lock
    • Hotel entry door locks usually need the electronic type. These electronic locks are unlocked by a hotel key card or an app. They are also monitored and will keep a record of who comes in and time. Below are the most popular brands we used in our hotel projects:
      • Vingcard
      • Saflock
      • Dormakaba
  6. Drop seal
    • This is a bar with rubber that is installed at the bottom of the door. It will drop down and seal the bottom when the door is shut and retract when the door opens.
    • This provides a seal for acoustic and smoke
  7. Smoke seal / Fire seal / Acoustic Seal.
    • Some seals bear the function of all three, obviously, if it is not a fire door, only acoustic seals are required.
  8. Evacuation map
    • This is just a simple printed map, indicating where you are in the building and where are the closest escape routes.

The above covers most of the basic things you need, but really it is too many to mention.

These are the other topics for the series:

  • Preparation
  • Design with constraints and direction
    • Colour Palette
    • Design Style
    • Dealing with constraints
  • Engineering and Technologies
  • Details
    • Entry Door (This Blog)
    • Bathroom Vanity
    • Bathroom Shower
    • Desks
    • TV Unit
    • Minibar
  • Specifications



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