How to choose the right sofa

Among all the furniture in your home, the sofa is the 2nd most important (after the bed). It is really important to choose the right one for your home. Here are the 5 things you should think about when choosing a new sofa.


Choose the Style

Whether you are just buying a new sofa and keeping everything else in the room, or completely refurbishing the room. Make sure you know the style and shape you are going for. As this is such a big piece of item, it has a big impact on the space so choose carefully.                             


Try in store

You want it to be as comfortable as possible, so trying it out makes sense to be sure. Try to look around the store, keeping in mind the style that you already have chosen from the step above.                   


Choose the fabric

Considering all the other things in the room, the fabric is quite important. Unless your style is Bohemian, I would advise you to stay away from the big patterned fabric and leave the patterns to your pillows and curtains. Make sure the fabric is suitable for the purpose. Our clients for our overseas hotel projects are very wary of this, they want to opt for a fabric that doesn’t fade by strong sun exposure. You should also consider washable covers if you have very young children or even pets.                                             


Check out the cushions

Ideally, cushions should be a combination of foam and fibre for the seat and foam and feathers for the back makes excellent cushions for support and comfort. You wouldn’t get many options on this in your local store, but it is good to ask and find out what you are buying.


Measure the space

Nothing is worse than, getting delivery of your sofa and finding out that it is too big for your room. You also have to consider the doors it is coming into, as well as the twist and turns inside your house. If you think the sofa that you want is too big, ask your sales representative. Most sofas can be disassembled. Usually the back, maybe the arms, or legs can be bolted back on once inside the room.





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